From the armenian military of hospital soldiers

Arrangement of the military ????????? kanaz

In armenia from garrison clinical hospital "kanaz" ran away some military personnel. About it reports regnum with reference to the press secretary of the ministry of defence of the republic artsrun ovannisyan. Incident happened on the night of sunday, november 3. Flight was preceded by fight between the soldiers who were in hospital on treatment. According to ovannisyan, the military personnel passable treatment in the same office participated in fight. That became the conflict reason, isn't specified. The representative of the ministry of defence reported also that soldiers attacked the doctor on duty, "then showed a clean pair of heels". According to the official information, run away was four, on informal five. Local mass media reported that soldiers near hospital stopped passing cars and asked to take away them far away, declaring that them "kill". On sunday the representative of the ministry of defence reported that three run-away servicemen already it was succeeded to find and return to hospital. Now, as transfers "news armenia", in connection with an event investigation is made.

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