Vatican let out anniversary coins with a typographical error in the word "jesus"

Anniversary coins in honor of the pope franziska were let out with a typographical error: in an inscription instead of jesus ("jesus") lesus was rapped out. As reports bbc news, vatican had to withdraw about six thousand coins from sale. The independent writes that before the mistake was found, some coins nevertheless were sold. As specify the mass media, now happy owners will be able to make a fortune on rarity resale. Articles excuse, we were sealed up as to rap out a coin interesting to collectors release of memorable coins from bronze, silver and gold the mint of italy was engaged. The typographical error was allowed in the phrase in latin which the pope chose as the motto: "vidit ergo jesus publicanum et quia miserando atque eligendo vidit, ait illi sequere me" ("jesus saw the person sitting at collecting duties, and speaks to it: follow me"). About reaction of the father to a typographical error yet it wasn't reported. The argentina cardinal jorge mario bergolyo was elected the pope in march, 2013. It took itself(himself) a name in honor of sacred franziska assizskogo, the founder of an award of franciscans known for the asceticism. Typographical errors in the course of stamping of anniversary and usual coins happen rather regularly. So, in april of this year the central bank of ireland made a mistake when releasing coin in honor of writer james joyce: in the quote from joyce's novel "ulysses" there was a word which wasn't in the text original. However the irish regulator decided not to cancel sale of coins.

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