The Latvian NBP member sent from Ukraine to London

Ayo Benes

Of the Latvian national Bolshevik Ayo Benes consisting in the ranks of self-defense of the Crimea and speaking at meetings in Donetsk, turned out from Ukraine. About it reports DELFI. As the activist told, him sent to Great Britain (where he lived the last some years) as Latvia refused to accept it. "SSU [security service of Ukraine] received the missive from the government of Latvia with refusal in acceptance me — he reported. — Latvia agreed to accept me only on a special flight with the armed escort... Therefore me deported to England. I already in London, only arrived". Earlier Ayo Benes was detained in Donetsk. According to the activist, after detention him brought to management of Security service of Ukraine where accused of participation in attempt at power capture in the country. "I told the chief of Donetsk SBU that was born in the USSR and I don't recognize modes of Ukraine, Latvia and the other republics — he late declared to journalists. — There power was seized by enemies of the people and criminals. And the program at most — this revival of the USSR... Therefore I am not the separatist as you speak, and the integrator". At the same time the activist as transfers Mixnews, noted that employees of SBU as a whole treated it kindly. They fed him and even allegedly promised to promote with obtaining the Ukrainian nationality if at it select Latvian (in migratory service of Latvia earlier warned that Ayo Benes can be deprived of nationality for participation in "the foreign militarized formation"). "They told that support me, but they are obliged to perform the work which to them was charged by the governor of Donetsk region" — the NBP member added. Ayo Benes in March, 2014 joined the ranks of self-defense of the Crimea. He explained the act with desire "to oppose fascist putsch in Ukraine". Later the NBP member got over to Donetsk where spoke at the pro-Russian meetings. Its activity drew attention of the governor of the region Sergey Taruta who promised to send the activist from the country. The native of Latvia with ugandiysky roots Ayo Benes is the activist of Other Russia party. In the Latvia, according to DELFI, it in the late nineties — the beginning of the 2000th years repeatedly participated in street actions: in particular, I opposed procession of legionaries of SS and I came for picket against arrival to Riga then president of the USA George Bush.

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