Lukashenko told about the Kiev organizers of protest actions in Minsk

Alexander Lukashenko

Of Intelligence service of Belarus recorded that participants of protest actions on December 19, 2010 in Minsk coordinated from Kiev. About it as reports "Interfax", the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told on air of the Schuster Live program. According to Lukashenko, to a certain specific person by phone from Kiev specified: "come and sit down in a chair of the prime minister, start ordering". The interlocutor, most likely, being then in crowd among demonstrators at the building of the House of the government of Belarus, answered that to it is "frightening". On it to it as approves Lukashenko, told: "How it is frightening? Come, tomorrow morning we will understand". Lukashenko didn't open neither persons calling of Kiev, nor the participant of the action of a protest with whom conversation was conducted. Also the president of Belarus declared that to the country in 2010 there came from Ukraine activists of the movement "Right Sector". Lukashenko noted that movement arose already then though actually informal Ukrainian nationalist association was issued during mass protest actions in Ukraine in the winter of 2013-2014. "One group and at us to Polesye prepared, one or two near Brest. We quickly threw out them from there. They prepared in the territory of Poland and the Western Ukraine" — declared to Lukashenko. He emphasized that during disorders in Minsk law enforcement agencies didn't use excessive force, only direct participants and organizers of disorders were detained, and the majority of them subsequently left from under guards. On December 19, 2010 in Minsk after the announcement of results the prezidenstkikh of the elections which winner there was Alexander Lukashenko, there took place the large-scale protest action not coordinated with city authorities. Participants of meeting reached the governmental building and tried to undertake storm. More than forty participants of disorders got various penals of imprisonment.

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