The Ukrainian authorities suggested to tax the large deposits

Over 50 thousand hryvnias (5,1 thousand dollars) need to be taxed Interest income of deposits. About it as L_gab_znes_nform reports, the prime minister of the country Arseniy Yatsenyuk declared. According to him, the relevant bill is already submitted on cabinet consideration. Yatsenyuk noted that he is the opponent of a tax on all deposits without exception, and specified that 90 percent of Ukrainians have deposits for the sum up to 50 thousand hryvnias. "Other ten percent rich have to share with Ukraine, it is normal, so does the whole world" — the prime minister declared. Yatsenyuk gave the personal savings as an example. He told that last year gained 613 thousand hryvnias of interest income, and from him didn't levy "any hryvnia taxes". At the end of February of this year the National Bank of Ukraine had to enter restrictions on removal of currency deposits in local banks in an equivalent no more than 15 thousand hryvnias per day. Such decision was made in connection with a mass conclusion of means from banks. According to the Central Bank, only on February 18-20 Ukrainians discounted about three billion dollars. In September, 2012 the Independent association of banks of Ukraine reported that champions by the size of deposits in the country are inhabitants of Kiev. The average size of deposits among capital investors at that time made 26,6 thousand hryvnias. The smallest deposits appeared in Zhitomir area — 3,2 thousand hryvnias.

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