The chief children's oncologist accused philanthropists of discredit of the russian medicine

The chief children's oncologist of ministry of health of the russian federation vladimir polyakov accused charity foundations that they discredit the russian medicine, sending children to be treated abroad. About it reports "interfax". According to polyakov, doesn't happen such that the child recognized as incurable in russia, would recover abroad. "if the domestic medicine recognized the child incurable, he means really incurable" — the oncologist told. Whip-round for medical treatment abroad which is spread by some electronic mass media, polyakov called "pure speculation". Thus polyakov noticed that in russia there are no children's oncologists, and pediatricians seldom face oncology and can't make the diagnosis. Doesn't suffice, in his opinion, and the large children's oncological centers. Besides, the chief children's oncologist told that ministry of health intends "to place emphasis" on acquisition and support of the russian preparations for a cancer therapy. Thus department inclines to production of domestic drugs. "and it not so soon. It is a question of generics" — polyakov noted. Unlicensed analogs of original preparations (or drugs which are on sale under the patented name, excellent from original) are called as generics. They have the same active ingredient, as at original means, but they cost cheaper. Thus doctors pay attention that to them it is necessary to treat as separate preparations as everything, besides active ingredient, in generics can be another. The list of the vital preparations which ministry of health will buy in 2014, didn't change in comparison with last year. However because of a rise in price of drugs at invariable quantity of money allocated for them, according to polyakov, there will be "a certain deficiency". At the end of december polyakov already told "to arguments and the facts" about the relation to medical treatment abroad. "it angers me because it causes mistrust to the russian doctor, to domestic medicine. It so isn't true" — polyakov spoke. He noticed that only some procedures don't do in russia (for example, a liver transplantation from the unrelated donor), and them carry out abroad. "but most often it is the speculation inflated by mass media. i about it wrote to ministry of health" — polyakov explained. he also added that charity foundations "undertake everything because money receives for it", and often hang out on the sites of the photo of the died children. "it isn't known for whom raise this money" — the chief children's oncologist concluded. which funds mean, polyakov didn't specify, however he noticed that with some funds

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