In cherkassy the crowd went for storm of regional administration

In cherkassy (the regional center in the central part of ukraine) crowd went for storm of regional administration. About it reports "regional committee". At an office building about two thousand people gathered. Protesting as the correspondent of the edition from a scene reports, already it was succeeded to break open doors. Militia, trying to constrain crowd, uses svetoshumovy grenades. "" reports that militiamen barricaded in the building. "in crowd svetoshumovy grenades explode and from fire hoses water flows. Outside about 10 degrees of a frost" the correspondent describes a situation. By data "comments", to the aid to militiamen there came small group ten people fighters of division "griffin". Protesters surrounded militiamen, tore them clothes. The staff of administration evacuated through a window. Some of protesters, in turn, made the way in offices through the broken windows of the first floor. "from there throw out documents and their plait" writes The correspondent of the edition reported also that "one of militiamen, defending, threw out from the fourth floor a flowerpot" which got to one of protesters. On thursday, january 23, supporters of opposition began to seize regional administrations in the western part of the country. Buildings in lviv and exactly were seized. Protesters thus demanded resignation of the governors appointed the president of ukraine victor yanukovych. In lviv they compelled the head of area oleg salo to write a resignation (later, however, the official refused it, having declared that wrote it under the threat of physical violence). In exactly as it became known, deputy governors of vasily bertash (he is now in holiday) agreed to resign. In ivano-frankovsk participants of the meeting which has taken place at the building of administration, also demanded resignation of the governor. In khmelnytsky supporters of opposition began to build near regional administration of a barricade, having warned that are ready to building capture. Besides, in zhitomir protesters tried to break on session of regional council, but were stopped by militia. Capture of regional administration also was outlined in poltava, however local oppositionists nevertheless refrained from it. Articles of orochyi drums, goblins around the ukrainian opposition waits for dispersal: the reporting "" before "evromaydan", organized by the ukrainian opposition under slogans of eurointegration and power change in the country, got essential support in the west of ukraine. Including he was supported by deputies of local councils. In the east and the country south, in turn, local authorities condemned protest actions and urged the ukrainian management to accept the neo

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