The mayor of riga suggested to put a monument on a place of a collapse of the shopping center

Relatives of victims in shopping center

A monument to all died on the spot collapses of shopping center maxima in the latvian capital. About it he wrote on the page to facebook. Besides, the mayor suggested to forbid any construction on this place in the future. The president of latvia andris berzins, acting on saturday on the latvian television, i called the tragedy in the riga shopping center "massacre" and i demanded to punish the guilty. According to him, which brings delfi responsible for the tragedy many, and it is necessary to involve independent experts in investigation from abroad. Articles in a complete silence in riga continue to sort blockages in the failed supermarket: the reporting to "lenty.ra" according to recent data, as a result of a collapse of a roof and walls in shopping center 52 persons were lost, 40 suffered, from them 29 are in hospital. As ushakov in interview to one of local tv channels told, under blockages can be to 16 people, reports ria novosti news agency. The shopping center maxima collapsed in the evening on november 21. At first in the building the roof fell off. After a while, when rescuers already worked at a scene, one of walls fell. Among lost the three rescuers who were in the building during a collapse of a wall. Due to shopping center maxima collapse in latvia the three-day mourning is declared: on november 23, 24 and 25 all entertaining actions are cancelled. On saturday in the 10th mornings in the country there passed a moment of silence in memory of victims. In solidarity the next lithuania and estonia also declared a day of mourning on november 24.

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